Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I would like to request support or report a bug in Chrynchr, how do I get in touch with you?

Answer: To request support, or report a bug, please email us at

Question: Does Chrynchr save my passwords on it's servers?

Answer: No, Chrynchr doesn't save your login or password on it's own servers or even transfer them to any third-party's servers or services other then Google. All actions are performed directly between your phone and Google's sync servers.

Question: I can't use Chrynchr, because it keeps telling me that my account is encrypted, what do I do?

Answer: As of this writing, Chrynchr does not support encrypted google accounts. However, Chrynchr already uses SSL (i.e. https) to connect to Google's sync servers, so rest assured that the communication between your phone & Google's sync servers is very secure.

To use Chrynchr, you will have to disable and remove all chrome sync data from your Google account by going to the Google dashboard. But everything will still be saved on your devices and computers so when you re-enable sync, Chrome will sync all of your data back to Google's servers. To accomplish this, please follow the following steps :-

1. Completely disable sync in Google Chrome on your Mac or PC.

2. Go to Google dashboard (

4. Scroll down to Chrome sync , and select stop sync and delete all data from Google.

5. Then go to Chrome on your Mac or PC and set up sync from scratch, making sure to only encrypt passwords.

Again, you won't lose any data by doing this because it is all stored in chrome on your computer so when you sync again everything will be synced back to Google's servers.

Question: Can Chrynchr sync with more than one google account at the same time?

Answer: No, at this moment, Chrynchr supports only one account at a time.

Question: How do I logout of my google account in Chrynchr?

Answer: On the settings tab in Chrynchr, when you scroll to the very bottom, you will see a button that allows you to logout. Please know that logging out will wipe your bookmarks & history from Chrynchr's database. Once you logout you will be taken back to the login screen, from where you can login again to any google account of your choice.

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