Bring your Google Chrome bookmarks into your iPhone
or iPod touch

Chrynchr is our simple tool that allows you to get everything from Chrome browser on your Mac or PC into your iPhone in one simple step. Just enter your login and password and Chrynchr will take care the rest.

Chrynchr also integrates beautifully with lire ( Open links in lire, add them to lire's feed, or it bookmarks…
..or read them in lire's beautiful, distraction free article reader, that show's you just the article from the web page.

..or, use lire to convert them to ebooks & save them for reading later in iBooks or your favorite ebook reader app.

We're sure you'll love it.

(for more information about lire please visit

Besides integration with lire, Chrynchr allows you to open your Google Chrome bookmarks in an in-app browser, or in Safari, or copy the links to your clipboard.

Chrynchr doesn't save your login or password on its own servers or even transfer them to third-party servers or services other then the Google. All actions are performed directly between your iPhone and Google Sync servers.

Please note that, for now, Chrynchr only supports unencrypted google profiles. Please, go to your browser settings and check under advanced synchronization settings, to make sure that you don't have "Encrypt all synced data". For steps on how to disable encryption on your google profile, please see our FAQs.

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